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We recommend that you take the time to look at some links below that you may find of interest.
Richard Guerrero - Richard operates ODIN Technologies and does consulting with us on Ecometry accounts. Please feel free to call on Richard if you feel he might be of help to you. http://odintech.net
Jean-Marie Cousset - Jean-Marie is a french artist, of some renown, who is a personal friend and for whom we help to sell his art. Please go to his web site and review his gallery.  http://jeanmariecousset.com
Alan Yeo - Alan Yeo developed SCREENJET which we used to migrate our V Plus Screens to GUI screens through Acucorp's development tool Acubench. Please contact Alan if you have need for his services. http://www.screenjet.com
Hewlett Packard - We have used HP mini computers and/or servers for over 30 years and would recommend them to everyone. http://www.hp.com
Acucorp - Genesis migrated all of our applications to open environment platforms through use of the tools and compiler made available from Acucorp. To see what they may be able to do for you, please go to their site. http://www.acucorp.com
DirPedia.com - combining a dictionary, an encyclopedia and a web directory. http://www.dirpedia.com/
Ultra Ads inc - Web site promotion listing in the search engines and methods to drive targeted traffic to your web site. We also repair and custom build computers at competitive rates. http://www.ultraads.net
Bruce Naylor - An experienced professional with over 20 years performing project management, business analysis, systems analysis, implementation management and application support. Bruce has experience with Ecometry, Ecometry migrations, Genesis software, the HP3000, and open systems solutions, etc. His office number is 404-380-1392. naylorgroup1@yahoo.com
Birmingham Business Directory - http://www.birmingham-spot.com
Kimberly Miller Consulting - Dr. Miller has been working to help both individuals and organizations thrive since 2004. If you are looking for ways to improve yourself and/or your organization, Dr. Miller’s expert guidance can assist you in reaching your goals. Whether she is working with one person or an entire organization, she utilizes a strength based approach as the foundation for change. http://www.KimberlyMillerConsulting.com

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