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     The General Ledger system allows the user to setup from 1 to 13 periods in a fiscal year and process data as defined by a company (up to 2 positions), division (up to 4 positions), department (up to 4 positions), and account (up to 16 positions). The operator can post to a work file to proof all entries  then post them to a monthly file for reporting of financial statements. This file can contain up to one year of postings before the periods opened must be closed. The data is then posted to history files which can be accessed to reprint financials for as far back as there is data. The system allows standard (table) postings, prior period (closed) adjustments, reversals, recurring and general journal postings, all organized by a journal source (up to 4 position). Interfaces to all of our other modules are included. Reporting of the balance sheet, income statement, trial balance, general ledger, journal source are all available in detail, summary, by division and or department or consolidated. Different user selected formats are available along with an easy to use user defined reporting function to produce other desired financial reports. The operator may post data from a spreadsheet or download a file to a spreadsheet or to wherever it is required. Budgeting and forecasting is available along with the option to report memo entries (non dollar) for statistical reporting. Wild card lookups are available by part of the account descriptions. A drill down function allows the user to look back into the source of postings including to look back into other modules such as
Accounts Payable

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