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Distribution Solutions  Module Distribution Solutions

    Distribution is an integral part of a businesses operations. It first handles the receiving of product either from Purchasing or Production (Recipes) and tracks those products all the way through their consumption or distribution to customers through its Inventory module. Order Processing interfaces with Invoicing and Receivables to allow product to be ordered and shipped. Invoicing and Receivables handles invoicing, sales reporting, payments, credits, salesman, customer sales history, etc. The Accounting system then interfaces to track and report all dollars

     The Purchasing module allows a user to issue Purchase Orders for products and materials Purchasing Modulethat will be used in distribution. This could include materials used in production and items to be entered into Inventory for any other purpose that a business wants to track. The system has an optional requisition function and can process for one or more buyers. There are look-ups to search orders by vendor, item, and by quotes. A history of all purchases is stored and it has interfaces to the module, the Accounts Payable module, and the General Ledger module

Order Processing
     The Order Processing module allows the entry and processing of orders for products to be distributed to customers. The Order Processing module interfaces with the Inventory module to bring in the item, description, costs, pricing, etc. It also Description: Order Processinginterfaces with the Invoicing and Receivables module to bring in customer information including billing and shipping addresses. The Order Processing module produces picks and shipping documents which flow data back to the Inventory and Invoicing and Receivables module. As many clients have many differing ordering and shipping needs we produce custom screens and reports to satisfy their specific requirements.
Inventory Control
    The Inventory Control module is used to build and process all activity associated with raw materials, sub-assemblies, finished goods and supplies that are stored by the business. Purchasing ModuleInventory allows more then 10 sub identification fields per item which can each have an unlimited number of id's to help sort, and report data. Some reports include activity, availability, valuation, history, reorder guide, physical count, lot tracking, etc. Inventory is used by other modules such as the Purchasing, Production, Invoicing and Receivables, and Order Processing. Interfaces to Accounts Payable and the General Ledger for processing dollar totals are also available.

Invoicing and Receiveables

     The Invoicing and Receivables module is used to produce invoices and to process payments and credits associated with those invoices. As it is Description: Invoicing and Receivablesintegrated with the Order Processing module, the shipping of product will cause automatic postings to the Invoicing and Receivables module. The operator is not required to do anything further other than to print the invoices as Order Processing supplies all of the data. The Invoicing and Receivables module can process non Inventory invoices for services such as labor, setup fees, etc., which may not have been processed through the Order Processing module. All sales are recorded for sales analysis reporting. If salesmen are involved, it can accumulate and report commissions and sales by salesman. Dollars will flow into the Accounting System.

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