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GTS-Genesis Recipe Module

      This moduleRecipe Module  is a specialized solution designed to help businesses in the Food Industry to process all of their data. The solution includes all of our modules as listed but it includes features required by those in the food business. For instance, there is a recipes file that can be loaded with recipes used to create product. Included are ingredients, processes (mixing, baking, packaging, freezing, etc.). Included in these files are labor rates, number of employees required, overhead costs, instructions, etc. GTS-Genesis Recipe ModuleWe then integrate this section of the solution with our Distribution and Accounting solutions to complete a total solution for the business.
      Recipes begins by allowing the creation of a work order which pulls all required ingredients and processes together to make batch of product. By adding the processes that the recipe goes through, the labor required, the labor costs, the labor rates, the material costs, etc., we come to a cost to produce. These dollars will be carried to InventoryPurchasing is used to order ingredients and allows 2 units of measure, one to order and one to consume. This allows ordering in bags of flour, for instance, and consuming flour in lbs. Batches of products are created using work orders and all costs and production yields are calculated for each run. Lot number tracking of ingredients and tracking of lot numbers for finished goods is recorded for later retrieval and reporting. A planning function is include as part of this production process.

Recipes is integrated with the following to provide a Total Solution
     Distribution first handles the Inventory that you either purchase through Purchasing or which is made through Production or Recipes. Next, through Order Processing, the system enters orders and controls the shipments to the required customers (either wholesale or retail). The system then passes that data through to the Invoicing and Receivables module to processes invoices and all payments and credits required. General Ledger, from Accounting, can then post that data to the financial statements.


     This module processes the Accounts Payable invoices for the Inventory, materials, supplies, services, etc., that occur in managing a business. The user can produce reports such as Open Payable, Aging, Check Registers, GL Distribution, Discount Availability, Paid History, etc. 1099, and process positive pay reporting to banks, do electronic funds transfer, process recurring invoices, do po / invoice lookups, split invoices, etc. AP has interfaces to Purchasing so that receipts can be matched to invoices to assure of the proper quantities and costs for each invoice received before it is paid. These module directly interface with General Ledger to carry forward the cash, payables, discount, pre-paids, expense, Inventory, etc. entries that are being made. Accounting will tie all of the other modules together to account for the dollars associated with any process.

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